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35cm x 4.2cm Green Balancing Board
These balancing boards are very suitable for balancing exercises and retraining of both youths and a..
35cm x 7cm Black Balancing Board
Clearance! Limited Quantities Available These balancing boards are very suitable for balancing exerc..
Balance Board
How long can you balance?. Place one foot on one end, other foot on opposite end, then balance And m..
Bouncing Platform Ball
Test your balance. Stand on the plastic platform and bounce up and down like on a pogo stick. Unit o..
Fitball_ Deluxe Balance Board
Extra large 19.5 x 27 surface has plenty of room for full-body functional training and group exercis..
Rocker Balance Board
For fun and balance, confidence and coordination. This low cost, durable plastic rocker board can't ..
Wobble Board
Wobble boards improve balance, coordination and overall body shape. Build trunk and pelvic stability..
Wobble Disc
_x001c_Core_x001d_ harmony is the healthy performance of a fit body. Wobble Disc promotes such harmo..