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Aspirin And Antacid Analysis Kit
Two commonly used drugs, aspirin And antacids, will be analyzed separately. After investigating samp..
Atom Activity Model
An easy-to-understand model of atomic structure. Your class can now graphically model the atom. All ..
C500 Chemistry Set (30 Experiments)
An introduction to chemistry. With 30 experiments in seven key areas of chemistry, this kit is perfe..
Candy Factory Kit
A scientific candy wonderland including the special tools and recipes you need to make candy. Use th..
Changes in Matter (Kit)
Introduction to elements, compounds, And mixtures, along with changes that these substances undergo ..
Chem C1000 Chemistry Kit
Learn about indicators with litmus solution and write a secret message in invisible ink. Experiment ..
Chem C2000 Chemistry Kit
Discover how fascinating the world is when you understand the remarkable reactions behind ordinary o..
Chem C3000 Chemistry Kit
Perform 360 fascinating and fun experiments in a complete and well-balanced curriculum. Build a mini..
Chemical Properties (Kit)
Seven different solutions are combined in every possible combination and chemical properties are ide..
Creative Cosmetics Kit
Experience the beautiful side of biology and chemistry with this unique collection of experiments. L..
Detective's Casebook (40 Student Kit)
Your students will become junior detectives, honing their forensic skills by solving the mysteries s..
DNA Murder Mystery Kit (40 Student Kit)
Teach your class about the latest innovations in DNA technology and their application to forensic sc..
Elements, Mixtures And Compounds (40 Student Kit)
Introduce your students to the fundamentals of chemistry. Provide your class with a basic understand..
Extracting DNA (40 Student Kit)
DNA has often been called the building block of life. Therefore, the extraction of this key biologic..
Fingerprint Kit
Use tested police methods to discover and preserve hidden fingerprints. With Instant Access classifi..