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Chick Life Cycle Exploration Set
Crack open this set of 21 eggs and see the day-by-day development of a chick. No incubator required!..
Classification of Living Things (kit for 40 students)
Introduce your students to the Five Kingdoms through the process of classification. Students view il..
Common Indicators Kit
The younger students will be able to graphically determine for themselves the nature of acid-base ch..
Exploring Cell Processes (kit for 40 students)
Conduct several activities designed to compare plant and animal cells, illustrating cell structure a..
How Scientists Do Science (kit for 40 students)
Teach your students basic problem-solving skills! Challenge them to develop and test a hypothesis wh..
How Viruses Travel
This lab investigation simulates the spread of an illness through a population. Using a safe, simula..
Microbe Scavenger Hunt (kit for 40 students)
Hunt for various kinds of microorganisms - including bacteria, fungi and protists - in water, air, s..
Osmosis And Diffusion Kit
An introduction to the relationship between solute and solvent which is vital to life for both anima..
Pro-sect? Pig
An 11-12 sagittally sectioned fetal pig with arteries color-coded in red, molded and sealed in a tra..
Why Cells Aren't Big (kit for 40 students)
Explore the limits of cell growth! Students construct and analyze simulated cell models of various s..