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Power House
Power House provides an engaging introduction to regenerative energy sources while teaching basic co..
Solar Car
Demonstrates how solar energy and cells work. Has an in-built battery compartment to accept a re-cha..
Solar Cell - 100mA
A photovoltaic cell in an encapsulated panel to allow handling without breakage normally associated ..
Solar Energy Kit
This Kit is designed for use by all who are curious about solar energy. Included: a solar cell, whic..
Solar Engine - Radiometer
Demonstrates the sun's energy. When in sunlight, the vanes rotate at a high rate of speed. When in d..
Solar Oven
Experiment with a device that harnesses the sun for practical purposes. Based on the principles of a..
Sunpower House
Expand student's understanding of energy costs with this model of a passive solar house. The 11 x 11..
Sunprint Kit
All you need is water, a little sunshine And imagination for hours of fun making photographic type p..