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Biology Slides (25 Slides)
Penicillium, Coprinus, Spirogyra vegetative And conjugating, Pediastrum, bacteria 3 shapes, Moss mal..
Elementary Life Science Slides (13 Slides)
Introductory life science set: plastic slide box, Spirogyra,w.m; yeast,w.m.; Cornstem,c.s.; Lilyleaf..
Elementary Zoology Slides (12 Slides)
This introductory set contains the following: Amoeba, Paramecium, Hydra plain, Sponge spicules, Plan..
General Biology Slides (18 Slides)
Starting to Know life through a microscope is the theme. Slides are: Amoeba, Paramecium, Plankton, S..
General Science Slides (25 Slides)
Set includes: bacteria-3 types, sawdust, raw And cooked meat, human hair, dust, Starch, grains, Quar..
General Zoology Slides (25 Slides)
Contains: Amoeba proteus, Paramecium, Grantia, Hydra, Obelia hydroid colony, Gonionemus, Planaria, T..
Human Pathology Slides (15 Slides)
Both normal and diseased tissue on each slide. Includes: Pinworm infection of appendix, Meningitis o..
Slides of Common Things (12 Slides)
Prepared slides demonstrate some common everyday things as they appear through the microscope. Label..
Survey Slide Set (25 Slides)
Set includes: letter e, w.m.; animal hairs, w.m.; natural fibers, w.m./ synthetic fibers, w.m.; bact..