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Advance Glassware Kit
Contains all the materials with 14384 Basic Glassware Kit plus: 1 burette w/ stopcock (25ml), 1 6 dr..
Basic Glassware Kit (Borosilicate Glass)
Includes: 4 beakers (50 ml, two-250 ml, 600 ml). 4 Erlenmeyer flasks (50 ml, two-250 ml, 500 ml). 6 ..
Basic Labware Kit
Contains all the basic professional borosilicate labware and equipment for conducting science experi..
Glassware Assortment
Quality glassware assortment for use in general science, or chemistry laboratory. Kit includes follo..
Glassware Kit With Storage Tray
Excellent selection of everyday use Glassware in Labs. Supplied with a plastic storage tray (12_x001..