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Alpine Glacier Model
How does a glacier work? This model will give students the opportunity to observe the effects of gla..
Contour Model Kit
Demonstrates how contour lines are used to show elevations on maps. Various elevation lines are draw..
Coriolis Effect Kit
Used to simulate effect of earth's rotation on winds, ocean currents or unattached objects such as r..
Cross-Section Earth Model
This hands-on model makes illustrating the mysteries of the earth easy. The outside of the model sho..
Earthquake Watch Kit
Used to determine pattern of earthquakes over the world's surface. Kit contains one large (50 x 35) ..
Economy Stream Table Kit
Ideal for laboratory investigations by small groups of students in the study of stream types, stream..
Geology Demonstration Kit
Permits students at all levels to visualize causes and forces that shape earth's surface.. .Kit cons..
Geology Field Trip In A Bag
Take a field trip? without leaving the classroom! Introduce your students to rocks, minerals and fos..
Mineral Formation And Identification Kit
Introduce your students to the world of minerals. Provide your class with a hands-on lesson in the f..
Mineral Formation And Identification Refill Kit
Mineral Formation And Identification Refill Kit Unit of Sale :Each..
Plastic Column Kit
Investigate properties of earth materials that determine flow of underground water: porosity, permea..
Rock Cycle Model
This 3-D model, 24W x 18H, depicts the substructures of all types of rock formations and incorporate..
Rock Formation And Identification Kit
Investigate the rock cycle. What is a rock? What is the rock cycle? How do rocks form? How are they ..
Screen Sieves
Used to separate and grade soil samples. Stacked set consists of 4 screen sieves with graduated mesh..
Seismograph Simulator
The new, improved design of seismograph model gives students a better understanding of how earthquak..