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Ball And Card
Newton's Second Law of Motion. Demonstrates inertia. Unit of Sale :Each..
Collision Ball Aparatus
A great apparatus for demonstrating Newton's Third Law of Motion and the principle of Conservation o..
Fan Cart
An inexpensive strong molded plastic body dynamics cart to demonstrate Newton/s third law of motion...
Free Fall Apparatus
To demonstrate that objects of different weights fall at the same speed in a vacuum. The unit consis..
Free Fall Tube
A very ecconomical apparatus to demonstrate that light and heavy objects fall at the same rate / acc..
Friction Apparatus
This apparatus consists of a smooth finish wooden Friction Board, 19.5_x001d_ x 2_x001d_ x 5/16_x001..
Hoberman Sphere
Combines mathematics, geometry and aesthetics into a magical motion of surprising simplicity, beauty..
Hooke's Law Apparatus
For demonstrating Hooke's Law and for studying simple harmonic motion of vibrating weight suspended ..
Investigating Forces And Motion Kit
Apply the principles of force And motion to the physical world around us. Your students will discove..
Kinetic Mobile
Battery charged electro-magnetic mobile with perpetually moving forms. 9 1/4 high. One 9V battery re..
Loop The Loop Triple Track
Study and demonstration of the Loop The Loop and the Roller Coaster has become easier. This triple p..
Ring And Disc
Simple materials, same mass and diameter - PVC ring And hardwood disc. Demonstrate mass distribution..
Rotating Platform
Turn your students into human gyroscopes with our wide, stable rotating platform. Now you can do the..
Simple Machines Kit
Investigate the principles behind work and machines. What is work? What are simple machines? How do ..