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Ball And Ring
Demonstrates expansion of metals with heat. Unit of Sale :Each..
Bar And Gauge
Illustrates linear And spherical expansion by heating And contraction by cooling. Mild steel bar 110..
Compound Bar
This is the True And Correct Compound Bar, in which 2 metals of unequal co-efficient of expansion ar..
Concepts of Heat and Temperature Kit (Student version)
Same as 15626, but does not include Basic Linear Expansion apparatus. Unit of Sale :Each..
Concepts of Heat and Temperature Kit (Teacher's Version)
This educational kit contains materials and instructions for safe, hands -on inquiry-based experimen..
Demonstrates the difference in thermal conductivity of different metals. Consists of five metal rods..
Convection Tube
To demonstrate convection of heat in liquids. Rectangular glass tube 200 x 150mm sides and 22mm in d..
Electric Calorimeter
Consists of an inner aluminum vessel 75mm x 50 mm, height x diameter, and an outer aluminum vessel 1..
Friction Blocks And Surface Set
For introducing the concept that friction depends on the nature and smoothness of materials. The kit..
Gas Convection Apparatus
Metal construction. With sliding plate glass front. Two glass chimneys. Candle holder is mounted in ..
Heat Absorption Apparatus
To study and demonstrate heat absorption and radiation. Consists of two metal concave plates one whi..
Heat Transfer Kit
Students fill one container with water at room temperature and the other with boiling water. A therm..
Ice Melting Kit
This kit is great for all doubting Thomases in your elementary through high school classes. Fast, fa..
Linear Expansion Apparatus
Metal construction. Complete with 3 metal rods (aluminum, bass and iron). stove hammer finish mounte..
Melting Point Apparatus
A very simple, easy and economical way of measuring melting points. The apparatus consists of an alu..