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Alnico Cow Magnet
This magnet is generally fed to cows to attract metal particles they may have ingested while grazing..
Classroom Attractions Magnet Kit - Level 1
Each kit contains materials for a work group of five students, plus easy-to-use educational guides. ..
Classroom Attractions Magnet Kit - Level 2
Contains 5 magnetic wands, 15 ring magnets, 5 north/south bar magnets, 5 ceramic block magnets, 5 di..
Classroom Attractions Magnet Kit - Level 3
Comes with 5 Alnico bar and horseshoe magnets, 10 ceramic block magnets, 15 latch magnets, 10 disc m..
Concepts of Magnets And Electromagnetism Kit (Student version)
Same as 15632, but does not include the Dynamo Generator AC/DC And the Motor Model. Unit of Sale :Ea..
Concepts of Magnets And Electromagnetism Kit (Teacher's Version)
This educational kit contains materials and instructions suitable for safe, hands-on inquiry-based e..
Economy Magnet Kit
An exceptional value!. This kit includes a variety of magnets and accessories for teaching basics of..
Electro-Magnetix Kit
Enter the strange world of magnetic and electromagnetic forces,forces that power our world today. Mo..
Electromagnet Kit
Includes everything you'll need to show that electricity can act very much like a magnet. One large ..
Exploring Magnets Set
Odd-shaped magnets make odd-shaped magnetic fields. This kit has seven very powerful neodymium rare ..
Iron Filings - 12 oz.
Iron Filings. 12 oz. iron filings in a shaker can. Unit of Sale :Each..
Lenz/s Law Demonstration
An efficient and easy way to demonstrate Faraday/s Law and Lenz/s Law. To show and teach how a magne..
Levitation Set
Discover the gravity-defying effects of magnets through experiments in equilibrium and magnetic fiel..
Magnet Resource Kit
This convenient classroom kit contains 35 weak and strong magnets in bar, rod, disk, and horseshoe f..
Magnets And Magnetism Kit
Investigate the properties of magnets. Your students will learn about the nature of magnets; classif..