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15 Spectroscope Kits w/ Study Guides
Set of 15 Spectroscope Kit w/ Study Guide (15234) Unit of Sale :Set..
Basic Spectroscope
An excellent hand held spectroscope for viewing the spectra of many different light sources. Durable..
Color Paddles - 3 sets of 6 colors
Transparent 6 paddles in six colors with three textures demonstrate the principles of color mixing. ..
Concepts of Light Kit (Student version)
Same as 15628, but does not include Newton Color Disk on stand. Unit of Sale :Each..
Concepts of Light Kit (Teacher's Version)
This educational kit contains materials and instructions for safe, hands-on inquiry-based experiment..
Diffraction Grating
Glass mounted for use with Spectrometers and Spectrum Tubes. Viewing area 44 mm x 30 mm. 15,000 line..
Plastic, 5-1/2 long; uses two AA batteries (not included). Unit of Sale :Each..
Light Box Kit
Includes 8 acrylic plastic blocks: 1 rectangular, 1 semi-circular, 1 double concave, 1 equilateral 6..
Light Meter
This Digital Light Meter is small in size, light weight and easy to carry. Although complex and adva..
Mirage Kit
Place any small object, a ring, sugar cube, butterfly, marbles, coins, etc., in the lower mirror, an..
Newton's Color Disc
For demonstrating that white light is composed of the seven colors of the spectrum by rotating a dis..
Newton's Color Wheel
A very effective demonstartion that white is composed of 7 colors of the spectrum. Consists of a 9_x..
Night Spectra Quest Guide
A chart And pocket-sized viewer that shows the color spectra of common night lights, identifies each..
Night Spectra Quest Guides - Set of 10
Set of 10 Night Spectra Quest Guides (13658) Unit of Sale :Bag..
Spectroscope Kit w/ Study Guide
Diffraction grating spectroscope is used to show that sunlight can be broken into colored light And ..