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Barometer Demonstration Model
Encased in a transparent acrylic case which allows full view of the movement. The action can be demo..
Capillary Apparatus
The correct Capillary Apparatus. Consists of 6 glass capillary tubes of different inner diameters mo..
Concepts of Air Pressure Kit
This educational kit contains materials and instruc_tions suitable for safe hands-on inquiry-based e..
Elasticity of Gases Kit
Serves to demonstrate Boyle's Law. Shows what happens when gases are subjected to increased pressure..
Fire Syringe Kit
Designed to provide a very dramatic demonstration of the generation of heat by gas under compression..
Fountain Connection
Hero of Alexandria (c. 62 A.D) designed a water fountain that used compressed air to lift water to a..
Madgeburg Hemisphere
Economical, great for students. Consists of two 3 Inch Diameter rubber suction cups. No vacuum pump ..
Manometer Demonstration
Consists of a large U shape tube 50 cm in length, with both ends long enough to connect to rubber tu..
Pneumatics Discovery Kit
Discover basic pneumatic/hydraulic principles using syringes, tubing, valves, and a variety of found..
Spouting Cylinder
Huge, metal construction. Baked shoving hammertone finish. Shows that pressure of a liquid depends o..
Super Diver kit
The kit contains enough materials to make thirty captivating Cartesian divers. Learn about the origi..
Tornado Tube
Just attach a discarded plastic soda bottle to each end of the Tornado Tube, one with water, one emp..
Water Level Apparatus
Consists of four glass tubes of different shapes projecting vertically from a common horizontal tube..
Wind Bags - Pack of 4
Inflate an 8 foot long bag using only 1 breath of air! Science demonstration illustrates the many pr..