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AC/DC Generator Demonstration Set
This unique hand generator is an easy yet effective way to teach how AC and DC electricity is produc..
DC Motor Kit
Construct And operate a functioning DC motor that demonstrates the uses of the armature, field coil,..
DC Motor with Alligator Leads
Ideal motors for hundreds of uses. Science projects, toys, electrical experiments and just a motor. ..
DC Pistol Generator
This pistol grip style handle generator can be utilized with almost any experiment requiring up to 1..
Energy Ball
By touching two metal strips simultaneously your body becomes a path for charged molecules to comple..
Genecon Hand Generator
The Genecon, a convenient, portable direct current generator for experiments involving energy change..
Hand Generator Activity Book
The manual contains detailed illustrations and explanations of 24 hands-on experiments that can be c..
Motor Demonstration Model
Ideal for introduction of the construction and working of an electric motor. Also to demonstrate tha..
Motor Demonstration Model (Open Model)
Open model. Shows all the parts of a motor. Operating voltage 4-6V. Supplied complete with color dis..
St Louis Motor
The St. Louis Motor is useful in demonstrating the operations of a DC motor. The motor consists of a..