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English/Metric Tape Measure
This 60 plastic tape has inches on one side and centimeter/ millimeter scale on the other. Unit of S..
Metre Stick
Made of hard plastic 1/4 thick, this metre stick features alternate color dm bars over cm calibratio..
Introductory level metric micrometer graduated to read up to 25mm in 0.01mm divisions. Comes in a pl..
Transparent Rulers (Set of 10)
Clear ruler embossed with inch and metric graduations. 12 inches/30cm. Set of 10 Unit of Sale :Set..
Trundle Wheel
Now it's easy to measure long distances! Counting clicker can be set to three positions (off, every ..
Vernier Caliper - Brass
Economical brass vernier caliper with 140mm capacity. Features inside and outside jaws, full length ..