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Advanced Owl Pellet Kit
This kit can be highly motivational to students for regular class or independent study. Both teacher..
Barn Owl DVD
The Barn Owl. An Introduction to Owl Pellet Labs. Describes the habitat and life-cycle of the Barn O..
Classroom Owl Pellet Kit
Kit contains 15 sterilized, wrapped warn owl pellets; 1 owl pellet teacher?s guide; 1 bone-sorting p..
Elementary Owl Pellet Kit
Teachers And students use professionally prepared guides to study food chains from regurgitated owl ..
Investigating Food Webs w/ Owl Pellets
Provide your classroom with an unforgettable, hands-on lesson on ecology and the food chain. Your st..
Owl Pellet
Dried and heat pasteurized according to the United States Department of Agriculture regulations. Hig..
Owl Pellet Teacher's Manual
This guide was developed by Mark Bechard, professor of Biology with an emphasis on raptor biology an..
Student Owl Pellet Kit
This kit contains three large sterilized pellets, a student guide, tweezers, dissecting probe and ma..