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Bell Demonstration
All parts easily visible. Rigid construction. Mounted on wooden board nicely polished. Workable on 3..
Compact Multimeter
Features 3 1/2 digit, 2,000 count display, transistor test, audible continuity, diode test, signal i..
Conductivity Meter Tester
A very simple and easy unit to compare conductivity of different solutions, acids or salts. Dip the ..
Conductivity Tester
For showing the electrical properties of liquids. Consists of a molded socket on a PVC cover, provid..
Copper Voltameter
For demonstrating and conducting electrolysis experiments. Three thick copper plates with brass term..
Double Pole Double Throw Knife Switch
Double Pole Double Throw Knife Switch Unit of Sale :Each..
Electric Buzzer 6 - 24V DC
Strong plastic construction. These Buzzers are an essential electrical part for use in Physics elect..
Electroscope Kit
Demonstrate key electrostatic concepts with this kit. Contains everything necessary to construct two..
Lamp Socket
Plastic base, with brass screw type receptacle And two terminals. Unit of Sale :Each..
Leyden Jar
Learn about static electricity and the function of a dielectric with this device. Two aluminum jars-..
Ohm's Law Apparatus
To verify Ohm's Law. The apparatus consists of one wire wound rheostat, one moving coil voltmeter an..
Primary And Secondary Coils
Comprising a primary coil of insulated copper wire wound on a cylinder and fitted with terminals, to..
Resistance Board
10 kinds of Resistances mounted on a box type plastic base. Ideal for introduction of resistance in ..
Simple Voltic Cell
Big, for teaching the basic concept of generating electricity electrochemically. Consists of a chemi..
Single Pole Single throw Knife Switch
Single Pole Single throw Knife Switch Unit of Sale :Each..