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Deluxe Electromagnet Kit
This kit is designed for high school students to learn the principles and applications of electromag..
Electromagnet Kit
Everything to build a powerful electromagnet. Experiment with induced currents, reversed polarity, a..
Large Electromagnet
Operating on 1.5 to 6 V DC, this electromagnet lifts up to 3.5kg. A current direction indicator is i..
Lifting Magnet - 200 lbs.
Weighs 2 lbs, lifts 200 lbs due to precision machining. the way magnets lift cars in junk yards! ins..
Lifting Magnet - 500 to 700 lbs.
Same as 14316 (above) but lifts 500-700 lbs. Requires 2 D cell batteries (not included). Unit of Sal..