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Ballistics Car
Push the cart and eject the steel ball from the spring-loaded barrel. The ball falls back into the b..
Impact Car
Sturdy plastic impact car features a graduated spring scale and a slide that is displaced on impact ..
Inclined Plane w/ Protractor
Polished wooden top 600x100x 20mm. With pulley. Hinged to a polished wooden base 400 x 100 x 20mm. T..
Inclined Plane w/ Pulley
This versatile and tough steel inclined plane includes a graduated protractor and an adjustable pull..
Roller for Inclined Plane
14 oz. roller that can be used as a vehicle on inclined planes or as a counterweight. Unit of Sale :..
Scale Pan
General purpose use and also for use with inclined plane. Metal pan with cords for suspension. Unit ..