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Air Pollution Test Kit
Learn concepts of air pollution and its harmful effects using one form of a common air pollutant, su..
Air Pollution Test Kit Refill
Refill pack contains 4 Germination Chambers, 1 Sulfur Dioxide Generator and 2 Seed Packets. Unit of ..
Cleaning Up Oil Spills (40 Student Kit)
Observe the use of microbes for oil degradation. Model various spill scenarios and monitor the effec..
Coliform Test Kit (Deluxe 25 Test Tube Kit)
Specifically designed to dramatically and vividly show the classroom a pollutant in water, this kit ..
Environmental Ecology Kit
Observe the effects of 3 doses of gamma irradiation on seeds And compare with control seeds. Rye gra..
Exploring Groundwater Contamination (Kit)
Visualize the potential contamination of groundwater. Construct mini-groundwater simulation models s..
How Clean is the Air? (Kit)
Learn what air pollution is and how weather and geography affect it. Conduct experiments to test the..
How Clean is the Water? (Kit)
Find out what pollutes drinking water and how it can be made safe again following pollution. Conduct..
Water Test Kit
Ideal field test kit for performing 4 important experiments on water pollution. Test water samples f..