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100 Prepared Slide Kit-Variety Set
1) Three types of Bacteria 2) Penicillium, W.M. 3) Aspergillus, W.M. 4) Rhizopus, W.M. 5) Actinomyce..
Apologia Biology Slides (16 Slides)
Amoeba Proteus Diatoms Euglena Ascarismitosis Grantia Spicules Hydra Budding Leaf with Veins (c.s.) ..
Basic Botany Slide Set
Onion root tip mitosis IS Lichens foliose body SEC Fumaria whole W.M. Fern leaf W.M. Pinus xylem ste..
Basic Zoology Slide Set
Human skin - hair follicle Skeletal muscle TS And IS Kidney IS Taste bud Earth worm TS Artery And ve..
Deadly Human Diseases Slide Set
Anthrax (Bacillus Anthracis) Tetanus (Clostridium Tetani) Botulism (Clostridium Botulinum) Typhoid F..
Forensics Slides (17 Slides)
Digestive System Connective Tissue Human Blood (sm) Nerve Tissue Hemopoetic System Vascular System H..
Human Physiology Slides (16 Slides)
Human Salivary Gland (sec) Human Squamous Epithelium Human Stomach, (sec) Human Liver (sec) Human Sk..
Introductory Biology Slide Set
Conjugation of spirogyra Lychen w.m. Moss cluster W.M. Spinal cord, Wheat seed is. Pinus pollen W.M...
Mammalian Reproduction Slide Set
Corpus Luteum Ovarian Follicles Epididymis Graafi an Follicles Placenta Ductus Deferens Ovary Sperm ..
Meiosis Slide Set
High-quality, yet affordable, 1_x001d_ x 3_x001d_ slides labeled and stored in a plastic slotted con..
Microbial World Slide Set
Bacteria - 3 types smear Saccharomyces smear Chlamydomonas W.M. Penicillium W.M. Volvox W.M. Spirogy..
Mitosis Slide Set
Introduce the world of microscopy to your students through the selection of this prepared slide set...
Small Organisms Slide Set
Bird feather Bee leg Butterfly mouthparts W.M. House fly wing W.M. Aphids W.M. Pulex W.M. Pharynx W...
Water Life Slide Set
Bacteria, three types (coccus, rod, and spiral shapes), smear Daphnia (crustacean), w.m. Desmids (gr..